Terror of The Thing. Essay

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October 12th 1902. It was another dreary night in Huntington Pennsylvania. The thunder crashed like plates being dropped on a kitchen floor. The lightning illuminated the night sky bringing light for just a short, brief moment. The house creaked and groaned as if someone were in the very home. And the sound of the neighborhood cats scurrying to find a shelter from the frigid rain. This however did not affect old Zebadiah Hansen, who had gotten used to the old mansions many clamorous noises and had developed a somewhat liking for them. Zebadiah sat in his rocker stroking his long white beard next to a roaring fire, reading The Cloud of Unknowing, one of a vast array of books in his vast collection. Abruptly a boisterous knock came from the…show more content…
His hands trembled uncontrollably, making reading his book near to impossible.
From behind him he heard a reticent whisper “Zebadiah.”
He spun around and shouted with great intensity, “who’s there?”
No reply. Zebadiah swallowed another glass of brandy hoping to wash away his fears.
The fire iron suddenly fell to the ground making a great clamor in the living room. Zebadiah was now petrified with fear and with a weak quivering voice shouted “What do you want.”
Once again there was no answer. Zebadiah was feeling great anxiety at this moment. He decided that a good nights sleep would do him well. So he timorously made his way to the hallway and up the stairs. He climbed to the top of the stairs which had over the years became a tedious task for him. He scurried to his room and slammed the door shut. As he began to lay down he suddenly heard a soft melody coming from the study. This didn’t make sense seeing that Zebadiah had no neighbors for miles. He didn’t have a piano because he felt “music rots the brain and causes a lack of concentration.” The soft melody gradually increased in loudness until it came to the point where it was causing great distress to Zebadiah. He put a pillow over his ears to silence out the noise, but it seemed to do no good. And just as quick as it had started, the noise ceased.
Zebadiah being the man he was felt that he must determine the sounds origin. He grabbed the candlestick off of the stand next to his bed a
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