Terrorism And Domestic Terrorism

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Violent acts of terror have become the norm on today’s day, we often hear news reports about a bombing happing somewhere in the world and several people being killed and it doesn’t faze us any more, is like another day another act of terror. At times, it seems like the public is just content that it did not happened in their respective country, but rather somewhere else far away from home. And these daily barbaric acts beg for the question: What drives citizens to turn against their own countries and help terrorist kill their fellow countrymen? What is the process individuals are undergoing to turn against one’s nation? What methods are the enemies using to brainwash these “martyrs” and get them to commit suicide and kill other people at the same time?
Radicalization in the United States as well as in other countries has become a real problem, but very little is known about it and the solutions offered regarding this dangerous and increasing trend are very few. Domestic Terrorism is one of the most efficient and damaging operations carry out in many nations considered to be enemies of Islam. Therefore, these groups preferred to motivate people who are already in their respective countries to engross in violence, probably because it is easier to do that than to plan complicated attacks which requires bringing operatives from outside who have a much higher probability of getting captured. We need to explore possible solutions and ways to deter people from deserting their
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