Terrorism And Islamic Terrorism

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September 11th is a day that nobody will ever forget, it was such a terrible tragedy and we lost many people because of it. This attack was made out of hatred and tremendously impacted the government and citizens of the United States. This attack was rooted in a hatred that has existed for thousands of years between Jews in Israel and its Islamic neighbors. Because of the United States support for Israel and the Gulf Wars where the United States stopped Iraqi aggression, the United States has become a target of Islamic terrorism. It was such a serious and harmful incident and it forever changed American Society and by influencing the country to make new laws and as a result, its citizens have become more aware of their surroundings. Islamic Extremism Islamic extremism has been around for a while now and it’s mainly just driven by an interpretation of Islam that believes in Islamic law, it’s a religious-political system (Understanding Islamist Extremism, n/d). For starters, Islam is a religion and it began in Arabia, which is now commonly known as Saudi Arabia and is where Muhammad was born and where eventually he died (Place of origin Islam, n/d). Extremism means extreme political or religious views. An example of Violent Islamic extremism is, with the tragic Paris attack on November 15th, 2015 (Norton, 2015). There was 130 innocent people who were killed and 7 perpetrators, and that really impacted Paris. Why Did Terrorist Attack the United States? The terrorists were

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