Terrorism And The Pursuit Of Political Aims Essay

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Terrorism is the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims. Terrorism is done by individuals and/or groups who take drastic measures in order to scare individuals into taking different course of actions. Terrorism has been around for many years, and the wider spread it became, the more people began to really research and study the epidemic. In the discussion of terrorism, individuals generally talked about the harm and destruction it caused, but some individuals argued a different point of view. Scholars have begun to see if terrorism could be justified, and if so, what would be the reason it is justified. Terrorism in certain circumstances can be viewed as justifiable due to the fact of specific elements, that led to the terrorist act.
Terrorism becomes justifiable, when individuals have no other choice, but to react violently. Meaning that they have tried all over methods, before proceeding to a violent method. In a situation in which “there is clear danger to a group’s very existence or the mass extermination of noncombatants” (Smilansky 798). In these types of cases it is justifiable, because individuals live were being threatened, and this was the only efficient course of action. For example, in dictatorial regimes, particularly in third world countries, where the individuals are being completely controlled by an intolerable dictator, or are being severely oppressed, if terrorism were to occur, it could be justified, in these cases, the only way
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