Terrorism Has A Huge Impact On Us Law Enforcement

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Police in the United States has had to deal with terrorism for many, many years. Local organizations within the country have the concepts and the equipment to create security networks and the support to have enough resistances and transgressions. U.S. law enforcement has come a long way in guarding our country and security got even better when all the events from 9/11 took place. According to text “While the Patriot Act may be the most recognizable piece of legislation relating to Sept. 11, more than 130 pieces of 9/11-related legislation were introduced in the 107th Congress in the year after the attacks, with 48 bills and resolutions approved or signed into law” (Villemez,2011). September 11, has had the biggest impact on U.S. police since the day that forced us to change our security measures. Homeland security also has some major changes such as better training. Terrorism has a huge impact on US law enforcement. Since Obama has been in office there have been several disagreements in our system to protect our country from illegal immigrants. With a lot of terrorist groups hiring many types of individuals to work for them one way or another and we also have President Obama protecting the civil rights of illegal immigrants coming into this USA making police officers profession way more hazardous and tougher. The American society are essentially behind letting police officers have more authority to do their work and put an end to the illegal migration problem. However,
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