Terrorism: ISIS And Al Qaeda

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Terror groups such as ISIS and Al Qaeda have struck fear deep into the hearts of many Americans. Fear that has turned into hate and ignorance among these same people because they believe that the acts of less than one percent of an entire population have somehow translated onto the other ninety-nine percent. It is this same fear that spreads hurtful messages around the internet: “Muslims are terrorists!” “Deport them all!” “Take away their rights!” In reality, these people are just as scared as you, if not even more. Muslims, many of them citizens in the countries in which they live, do not feel safe as they walk down their own streets. Many of them are denied entrance to stores or shopping malls, or even detained in airports for crimes they have not committed. They are racially profiled, and fear rules their lives as much as those who threaten them because of a sparse group of radicals targeting this country. …show more content…

Do not cut down a tree. Do not destroy a temple or church, or any building for that matter. Do not kill children, the elderly, women, monks or priests, the sick, or those who surrender or run away. Do not kill an animal unless it is for food. Do not disfigure the dead. Be good to prisoners and feed them. Do these rules say anywhere that you should drive planes into skyscrapers or behead hundreds on camera to prove your point? No? Do these rules say anywhere that the proper way to prove a point is to kill hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women, and children? No? That’s because most Muslims are not

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