Essay on Tesco Csr Responsibilities

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Part One: Identify the three most important CSR issues that the company faces and explain why each is relevant for the firm. In order to identify these issues, you should read not only corporate reports and the company’s website, but also media reports and any research papers that offer commentary on both the company’s activities and its significant social and environmental impacts. Part Two: Critically evaluate the nature and degree of the company’s responsibilities in relation to each issue. To do so, arguments should explicitly draw upon the theories outlined in class – e.g. the various ethical theories, institutional and stakeholder theories. For each issue, you may draw upon a variety of theories – i.e. present a …show more content…

This accumulation of undeveloped sites if developed, “could raise Tesco's market share from around 30% at the moment to a competition-stifling 45%.” (Anon 2007) The 1000+ Tesco Expresses and numerous suburban Superstores popping up throughout the nation not only drive up land prices for local retailers and create ghost towns but also give a degree of monopolistic power. An economic NEF report reveals that over the past twenty years local shops including butchers and greengrocers “have been going out of business in the UK at the rate of 50 a week” suggesting that Tesco Express stores have help to cause a drop in business of 30-40% from independent retailers (Oram et al 2003). This has resulted in many planning objections from local residents forcing Tesco to become involved in costly public enquiries and planning appeals. With many taking a sinister view of these land banks, future growth in the UK may well be stifled highlighting the relevance for Tesco in appeasing locals and governments especially in light of past Competition Commission investigations. 2._________________________________ i) Honest disclosure of source and quality of food Tesco accepts fault for this issue in that they were negligent in choosing suppliers (Tesco 2013) and by offering public apologies online and in the media, suggests recognition of their responsibility to society. Tesco have an enormous level of selling power with consumers having little or no say in food

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