Essay on Testing Aerodynamic Structures for Our Science Fair Project

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First, aerodynamics is the study of the motion of the air. Aerodynamics consists of 4 variables, which is thrust, gravity, lift, and drag. (Tennekes,H, 2009) Aerodynamics has to do with almost everything dealing with air of course.(Tennekes,H ,2009) For example, it can be air crafts, it can be wings, it can be birds, it can be a race car. Birds need aerodynamics so they can glide in the air so they can also gain enough speed to catch prey. Like a hawk swooping down 70 miles an hour to get a mouse to eat. Race cars need aerodynamics so that the car structure can have the most air resistance it wont apply as much pressure onto the car. Like birds air crafts also need aerodynamics for the wings on the aircraft or the weight of the aircraft. …show more content…

They have to deal with aerodynamics everyday since they are the scientists who works everyday trying to make aerodynamic rockets to study space, they have to be very precise when ever they make a rocket, it can take years, because one time NASA sent a rocket but as soon it hit a certain altitude it exploded because of on of the cables inside wasn’t connected. (NASA,2013) Plus NASA is also creating aircraft for the future so they can send regular people into space to experience how it would feel like to go into space, but the trip would cost over 3 million dollars, so you would only be allowed to get on if you are a millionaire or higher. (NASA,2013) Lift is a force pushes the object up ward. Drag is related to air resistance, drag is like friction but like in the air. Drag is a force that causes to pull the object the opposite way, for example if you put your hand out a window of a car and the car is on the high way, and if you make your hand like a wall and put it out in the air it would pull your hand back wards. (Paper Airplanes HQ 2013) But if you put your hand flat down it would just let your hand pass through since its allows air to go around the hand causing little drag. Thrust is a forward force which allows the object to go into the air, for example when you have a paper airplane and throw it, that throw with your arm is the thrust for the airplane to launch.(Auld,D.J. & K.Srinivas ,2013) Gravity

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