Testing Simulation Tools And Simulations

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Introduction Research databases offer people copious amounts of information, a lot of the information on these databases can be difficult to rummage through. After navigating through the following databases, PubMed, CHINAL, and the Cochrane library, I have found the following articles from these databases provide information that supports the effectiveness of practice simulation tools and simulations in the healthcare field to improve quality of care. This papers intention is to critique the research studies conducted showing the differences and similarities they may have and showing the importance of simulation tools and simulations.
Study #1
The first study discussed the importance of poor teamwork showing a connection in critical incidences. A way to prevent such incidences was the implementation of having a group of medical students, nurses and student nurses go through simulation-based interprofessional(SBITT) team training. In hopes of preventing critical incidences in the healthcare field, in the study it says that there are three main reasons that cause adverse patient outcomes. The three are failure to properly diagnose, failure to institute appropriate treatment and inappropriate management of complications.(Rieme,2016) By implementing SBITT, they hoped to decrease the adverse outcomes. (Rieme,2016) The design of this study was to monitor team performance, and then scored on an observation form. On the form it asked the participants to answer from 1= strongly
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