Texas Constitution Vs. U.s. Constitution Essay

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As far as the Texas Constitution in comparison to the U.S. Constitution, they are much different. There has always been much talk about how the Texas Constitution is very long and poorly put together. I believe Texas and the people in it have tried to keep Texas very traditional and old school as possible. In my opinion, they have continued to add things to the Constitution to keep away from progressivism and to not allow the U.S. government to dictate what they will and will not do. There is always positive and negative that comes with going against the majority. I have lived here all my life and never really knew the difference between our state and others until recently. Native Texans do believe that Texas is bigger and better than any other state and with that the elite politicians try to make sure every other state knows it by continuing to keep a republican office in Texas. As far as the Supreme Court goes they have also found ways to be as different as possible. In catching up on my Texas Judicial Branch I found, “Texas Constitution establishes two high courts, one to hear civil cases and one to adjudicate criminal cases” (Two Constitutions: A Comparison). The civil jurisdiction is called the Supreme Court, where there are nine justices. The criminal cases go to the Court of Criminal Appeals where there are nine judges. In my opinion I would not change the way that the judicial system is set up. I believe the Supreme Court should not be used for civil cases unless

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