Texting: More Drawbacks than Benefits Essay

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Texting, the new age means of communications involves a series of point-to-point signals that are transmitted through a network. It first originated from radio telegraphy and the key idea behind texting was to use this “telephony-optimized system”, and to transport messages on the signaling paths needed to control the “telephony traffic” during time periods when no signaling traffic existed. Texting nowadays has become more of an exasperation than help in many aspects of life. Due to texting our generation is loosing key interpersonal communication skills needed to survive, texting removes the human aspect in communication skills. By using nonstandard language as means of communication texting is becoming a catalyst to poorer literacy …show more content…
They are destroying it, pillaging our punctuation, savaging our sentences, and raping our vocabulary, and they must be stopped.” Most people who text are literate, they know how to spell, and they most certainly know their vocabulary. But the point of texting is to get a message across in 160 characters or less, for this to happen people had to find creative and innovative ways to type something the other party can easily comprehend. With this texting became more of a convenience, which led to it becoming a habit. When a person develops a certain habit, their brain chemistry automatically enables them to do that task without the person being aware of it. This leads to using texting language into other mediums such as writing essays and emails. As people are constantly finding new ways to type a certain word they forget the actual language and as a habit integrate texting language and normal language into one, which in turn makes one appear and be perceived as less educated.

Ever since the invention of texting in early 1980s, our society has become more keen to the dangers of texting. Texting has become a major phenomenon embraced by billions of people around the world every day. Garter, the texting industry analysts predicted that in 2010 about 2.4 trillion text messages would be sent out (Crystal, 4). With this being said, texting is so convenient that it can be done anytime and anywhere, this is where we see a problem emerging. Since texting is instant, people
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