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(Emmia, David, Jason and others have been abruptly snatched from their normal lives and placed in a hotel in modern day time, completely sealed off from the outside world. Though this was all quite confusing and terrifying for them at first, they have since adjusted and are now experiencing the tensions of being trapped in a hotel of moderate size with friends and enemies alike. Winter has come around, and perhaps something or someone will start to reveal some details of why they are trapped in such a strange place. Or maybe it will just screw with their fragile minds. Enjoy.)

Emmia really wished, on occasion, that other people could be as imaginative as herself. True, that might sound rather conceited, but take Jason, for instance. Since their unexpected and jarring capture, he had chosen to take the room with the adjoining door to hers, so they could visit each other without having to get an extra keycard. It had been hard enough figuring out how to even work those seemingly useless pieces of plastic. Syne had made the breakthrough in the end, much to Emmia’s and everyone else’s grudging thankfulness. When they had all chosen their spots to, as they thought about a month ago, take up temporary residence, Jason had stuck with her, and at first she couldn’t have been happier. He was one of her last steadfast friends. It was comforting to know that he wanted to be near enough so they could spend time together regularly. But now something about his lack of variety was

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