Thanksgiving Day Essay

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In America, there are many different holidays celebrated. For many, holidays are a time joy and heartwarming love. Every year, on the fourth Thursday of November, a special holiday of overeating and watching football comes around. That holiday is Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Day is a day to spend time with family and enjoy a large, delicious home-cooked meal. In some household there are traditions that come with Thanksgiving. For example, the eldest child and her uncle prepare the entire meal while the child’s parents, aunt, and two little cousins spend the day talking, drinking, and watching sports. Everyone enjoys each others’ company and traditions of the festive holiday stay exact every year, down to the same dishes made yearly. It is a …show more content…

Cheese and french onions is sprinkled onto the dish, then Mike puts it in the onion. Ana checks the time and smiles. The clock reads ten-thirty. She pops four waffles into the toaster, pulls out two small plastic cups, and pours milk into each cup. Seconds later, the pitter-patter of little feet come sprinting down the stairs. The chairs of the dining room thud as they are pulled out. Hyper fingers tap against the wooden table. A blissful good morning greeting resounds from the next room. Ana walks into the dining room with a plate of waffles and two cups of milk. Two beaming faces meet her as she walks in. Seven-year-old boy, AJ, and five-year-old girl, Nova giggle as their older cousin hands them their breakfast. AJ asks if the dinner is going well. Ana ruffles her little cousin’s hair and nods. She steps back into the kitchen to half-cut the baby yellow potatoes and make the cranberry sauce. About an hour and a quarter later, Ana’s parents and aunt wake up. They have a light breakfast of toast and fruit. Afterwards, they reside to the living room to catch up with one another over many glasses of “juice” as it is known to the young children, or mimosas as it is known to everyone else. Those who are not helping to prepare the meal are tasked with setting and decorating the table with the special tableware and autumn decorations. At six-thirty in the evening, all seven family members sit at the table and state what they are thankful for. AJ says grace. Then, the

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