Thanksgiving : My Thanksgiving Day

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Thanksgiving is a day family and friends have a traditional meal including turkey. Thanksgiving is always held on the fourth Thursday of November every year. It’s a very special holiday when everybody comes together as a family to cook, enjoy, and bless the food, but also to enjoy each other. In 2015, I had a special Thanksgiving Day dinner that left me full of joy.
On Thanksgiving Day every year, my family and I normally rent a building that’s twenty-minutes away from my house. The building is located in Church Point, Louisiana. It is a Community Center at the park. The inside of the building is huge. It has a kitchen area in the back of the building. Inside of the kitchen it has a large island and cabinets stuff full of pots, pans, and utensils. We had two long tables in the back by the kitchen to put the food on. The deejay is placed in the front by the entrance. Between the kitchen and the deejay were chairs and tables placed for people to eat their food. There were placed a variety of tables that came in different shapes and colors. As I walked around the building, I noticed yellow, brown, and orange tables. The chairs had chair covers on them that were the same colors of yellow, brown, and orange, which are colors that you would see in November that had different meanings. Yellow is the corn, brown is the turkey and orange is a pumpkin.
As Thanksgiving Day approaches each year slowly, my family and friends are on their way to Louisiana. Most of my family are from
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