Thanksgiving Tradition Essay

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New Years. Thanksgiving. The Fourth of July. These are all annual holidays that are linked with traditions. Champagne, feasts and fireworks are some of these practices that are passed down families generation to generation. Every year, some argue that these customs cause danger or make a negative impact. Even though these views are reasonable, some continue the rituals anyway. Such a tradition is displayed in “The Lottery.” On the day of the lottery, the people of the village were nervous. Children gathered stones in one corner of the square, and the men and women socialized nervously but kept their distance. Then, the lottery started. A black box with enough slips of paper for every family was brought out and every person slowly chose their …show more content…

Old Man Warner has lived in the village longer than anyone else. He uses this characteristic of his to influence the younger villagers. For example, in the text, he expresses how he looks down upon different views from other villagers. Not only is he confident enough to disagree, but he also changes surrounding outlooks. “‘They do say,’ Mr. Adams said to Old Man Warner, who stood next to him, ‘that over in the north village they’re thinking of giving up the lottery’” (Jackson, 95). Mr. Adams is showing that he is giving thought to this possible solution to the lottery. Since he brought it up to Old Man Warner, this means he was seeking approval, or even a thought about the topic. Mr. Adams displays that he and the other villagers are easily influenced by Old Man Warner. Old Man Warner responded very negatively to the idea, closing his statement with the following. “‘Nothing but trouble in that,’ Old Man Warner said stoutly. ‘Pack of young fools”’ (95). Old Man Warner’s single opinion closed the mouths of open-minded Mr. and Mrs. Adams. Rather than arguing with him or asking someone else’s opinion, they kept to themselves. Even when the area of concern is both dangerous and negative, the opinion of an elderly person influences the ideas of a younger one. In “The Lottery,” Old Man Warner symbolizes how the elderly influence younger people in all communities. He makes the lottery popular, even though it isn’t

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