Descriptive Essay On Thanksgiving

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Heavenly smells in the air, footballs on T.V, family is gathered around, and a comfortable homey feel of my grandmother’s house makes Thanksgiving one of my favorite meals of the year. I will always have memories of thanksgiving at my grandmothers. The smell that rushes your nose as you walk in to the house. So many mouthwatering smells go through the air at my grandmother’s thanksgiving. Her Thanksgiving dinner never fails to fulfill my expectations. With the whole family gathered and the dinner table full of delicious food, I can’t help but feel content. The delicious smell of the roasting turkey adds to the mix of wonderful aromas drifting through the house. My grandmother’s kitchen looks like a circus of pots, pans, and utensils spread out all over the place. However, it might look like a mess and cramped you can tell my grandmother and the other girls know what they are doing. It’s hard not to follow the scent of the buttery aroma of the fresh sweet rolls. Even though you know you’re supposed to stay out of the kitchen you keep finding yourself trying to get whatever mouthwatering food you can get your hands on. Every time you think your being sneaky, you finally think you successfully got a piece of food, but there’s always hand there to stop you. Since you can’t get a taste of the sweet food in the kitchen you walk back to the living room where the rest of the family is watching the football game. Usually my sister’s always make some kind of beefy delicious chili

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