That which Is Accepted as Knowledge Todays Is Sometimes Discarded Tomorrow

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Human beings are much of a strange creature – many are attracted by what the majority of the population accepts as “knowledge” and follow this path for many years without asking themselves the reason why it is said to be that way. Others prefer completing their own “knowledge” by referring to an entity which is thought to be superior to all the living on Earth. Then there are those which are open minded, which stand out from the crowd, whose own curiosity takes the lead into finding out the secrets of the world. What the question is implying, is the fact that sometimes a statement is said to be a fact, a principle or the truth, entering our own classification of “knowledge”. On the other hand, this could also be “discarded”…show more content…
It was simply because they based their idea on their present evidence; it was not just a matter of 'how it looks', as the Earth looks chaotically bumpy, with hills, cliffs, mountains and much more. It was another way of looking at the Earth which raised the idea of it being flat. This was by looking at the “curvature” of the planet's surface over a considerable length; how much does the Earth deviate (on average) from perfect flatness. The flat-Earth theory would make it seem that the surface doesn't deviate from flatness at all, that its curvature is 0 per mile. The actual curvature of the Earth is on average 0.000126 per mile (being it not perfectly spherical), a quantity very close to 0 per mile, and certainly not easily measured by the equipment used by the ancients. The very small difference accounts for the fact to why it took so long to pass from the flat Earth to the round Earth. It is also however essential not to discard this scientific evidence as the Earth could not be mapped over large areas without extreme accuracy, and long voyages can't be undertaken with any reasonable way of locating one's own position unless the Earth is considered round rather than flat. Hence, although the flat-Earth theory is only slightly wrong in small dimensions, it is enough to be discarded in favour of the round-Earth theory. As previously stated, not all theories have an absolute 'right' or 'wrong', however, is there such an
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