The 2009 Twilight Film Directed By Catherine Hardwicke

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4. Twilight (2009)
The 2009 Twilight film directed by Catherine Hardwicke is a box-office smash, it tells a high school love story happens between a human teenage girl and a dashing ‘young’ vampire. Like the Dracula film I analysed earlier, this one is an adaptation from a book with the same title, which is written by the American author Stephenie Meyer.
Differing from other vampire films, Twilight (2009) provides “different picture of a vampire” (Létalová, 2014, p. 1). Unlike their vampire “ancestors”, the vampire characters in Twilight (2009) are not afraid of daylight. They will glow and show their “true form” under the impact of direct sunlight. However, the belief that vampires will be burnt into ashes while exposing to the direct sunlight is just an old superstition (origins from the Gothic fictions in Victoria era), and the changes which have been made in the Twilight (2009) are nothing more than add some new superstitions about vampires. To be more specific, in terms of giving definitions to vampires, there are not fundamental differences between this film and the other earlier vampire films. They are still the “corpse supposed to drink the blood of the living by biting their necks with long pointed canine teeth”, according to the Oxford Advanced Learner 's Dictionary.
However, the rise of the mainstreaming vampire characters like Edward marks a distinct shift in the representation of otherness in contemporary vampire films. The concept of otherness lines in the
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