The 21st Century Romanticism of Personable Mutilation Essay

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I was appalled to find there are multiple forms of self-harm, and that specific self-mutilation is one of the few. Lip biting, scab picking, fingernail chewing, cutting, burning, eating disorders, the list goes on. Most are caused by anxiety driven tendencies: picking at dead skin, or fiddling with fingernails, everyone does though right? Even still, because there is stress, it is a form of self harm. Something so small, one would think it wouldn’t be such a big deal. However, self harm related suicides are rising in numbers with each passing month. With self-harm becoming a go-to “escape” for those who are pressed far down into a hole, depression is more than a temporary sadness. Three people I know have died due to self-harm related …show more content…

There are fighters and survivors everywhere. One may not specifically have a death wish when they hurt themselves, but some do, because they are so far gone from this world.
The media and people on social networking sites tend to glorify, or romanticise self harm. Some people think of these methods as “quirks” that will attract a potential mate. It is absolutely disgusting that some people can honestly believe that playing God on your own body could ever be considered an act of beauty. To feel so below everyone in the world, to have every belief deep within the very bones of the human body that there is not a single soul out there that could possibly lend a helping hand and go, “It’s okay, friend. I’m here. Put that blade away, throw away that lighter, and get rid of those scissors, too! Everything is going to be okay.” is terrifying. It seems as though any cry for help these days are retorted with “Attention seeker!” and any sort, because people are too damn selfish to care about anyone but themselves. I watch people on the streets stare at me, criticise me and encourage their children out of my direction because I have scars on my arms and legs. They say when you have no one left, you only have yourself. Well how can we trust ourselves when we are the ones with the knife?
I was young, at the time I had no idea what I was doing. It started at the age of nine, when I was being bullied and went into the bathroom,

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