The A-10: Air Force's Inventory

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Dillon Hutchison Mrs. Burnett CA 4-5 9 March 2017 The A10 In the world there are people that want to hurt the U.S. and other Christian nations. Who is there to protect us and everyone from a restless evil? the military that is who is there. The Air Force Has a battle tested flying machine The A-10 Warthog. This plane has been in Iraqi Freedom, and Deseret Storm. Some people think it’s time to retire the old beast but I say different. The A-10 should be kept in the Air Force’s Inventory because of its flight capabilities, technology, and effectiveness on the battle field. The flight capabilities of the A-10 are superior to anything else the Air Force has. This plane is one of the roughest the Air Force has to offer; it is not pretty, but it …show more content…

The A-10 is outfitted with a 30 mm GAU-8 Avenger rotary cannon, and can be fitted with an assortment of missiles to insure maximum carnage. The A-10 also has a built in defensive system for the cockpit which is [“1,200 pounds of titanium aircraft armor, called the ‘bathtub.’ The bathtub can withstand direct hits from armor-piercing projectiles up 23 mm. The front windscreen and canopy are resistant to small arms fire. This protection combines with double-redundant hydraulic flight systems, and a mechanical system that still works even if hydraulics is lost”] (Tegler). The bathtub has earned its battle stripes along with the 30 mm. It protected Cpt. Campbell when her plane was shot full of holes on a low flying support mission. The canopy insures that a round fired from a pistol or small rifle will not kill you. With these added measures the pilots in the A10 can survive most attacks from insurgents. The conclusion is the A-10 is a bad to the bone machine. The A-10 has protected many a solider on the field of battle and should continue to do so. The Air Force is in for a fight against the White House to keep the old birds. The A-10’s abilities are superb such as the wreck it havocs on the battle field, it’s flight capabilities, and its technology. The A-10 should keep on protecting the guys on the

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