The Abc Corporation Is A Global Company

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Overview: Pattern of Facts The ABC Corporation is a global company in the industry of electronic devices such as cellular phones and tablets. The company focuses on after-sales service and it has eight calling centers. The company is split into two different departments, sales and service. The calling centers handle different customer feedback and concerns. This allows the company to ensure that they maintain a great customer base and that their employees in the sales department are performing up to the company’s expectations. Each calling center is managed independently and are ranked based on the customer satisfaction. The different leadership teams at the eight calling centers focus on ensuring that their center is recognized for most …show more content…

She is focusing on ensuring she is completing her work, she rarely takes breaks, and is concerned about losing her position. Janet doesn 't always see eye to eye with her boss Thomas. The main goal for Thomas is to ensure that his calling center continues to be recognized for being the most productive center. In order to do that Thomas ensure that all his customer service representatives take a high number of calls. Thomas relies on his supervisors to execute their job and ensure the center is running up to his standards. When Michael, (Kareem’s coworker) reported to Janet of Kareem’s frequent breaks, she reported it to Thomas. Janet reported that Kareem was frequently stepping out of his cubicles outside of his mandated breaks and that Kareem’s performance results were dropping. Michael is a customer service representative and he is one of the coworkers of Kareem. Michael is a self driven employee and he gets frustrated when he feels that his coworkers don’t work as hard as he does. Michael observed that Kareem was stepping out of his cubicle multiple times throughout the day. Michael observed Kareem washing his hands, face, arms, and feet in the bathroom and also noticed that Kareem will often be in a corner of the call center on a mat talking to himself and crossing his hands in a form of prayer. Although Michael would get frustrated with the excessive amount of breaks Kareem would take, he never approached his coworker to find out the reasoning behind it.

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