The Academic Journey Of The Field Of Recreation And Leisure

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The academic journey in this particular degree has been, in many ways, one of self-discovery and fraught with critical self and program reflection for this author. It was for my own personal and professional growth that I chose to pursue the degree as a TRS. The program exposed me to many of the leaders in the field of Recreation and Leisure, especially as it applied to TR, and, furthermore, helped me to construe, animadvert and reevaluate my own professional philosophy.
The requirements of the specialization, itself however, could, I believe, benefit from an overhaul insofar as it relates to the field as it stands as a component of Quebec’s health care system. Practitioners in Quebec are coming from numerous backgrounds within two linguistic educational systems resulting in a very competitive job market. How then, can the BA degree with a Specialization in TR differentiate itself form this competing plethora of similar disciplines and what, if anything, can the University do? What is the impetus for an employer to hire a BA over a CEGEP diploma at what should be a substantially higher starting salary? Indeed, can we even argue there should be one? The Conference Board of Canada suggests that although university graduates, on average, command higher earnings than college graduates, this is not necessarily the case across the board for all métiers, especially in the academic disciplines versus applied sciences, so the ‘return on education’ may not be perceived as
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