Wellness Therapy And Volunteer Services For A 111 Bed Nursing Home Essay

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I am the Director of Recreation Therapy and Volunteer Services for a 111-bed nursing home. As the Recreation Director, I am responsible for the delivery of our therapeutic recreation (TR) services. I have a process that I follow for developing each resident’s TR plan. I complete a leisure assessment for each new resident. With the information gathered from the assessment, I create a TR goal for the resident. Using this goal, I identify objectives and choose a modality that will help meet the resident’s goal.
After taking this course, I have identified two areas of my TR process that can be improved. I need to write more clearly defined goals with measurable objectives and I need to have a stronger link between the therapeutic recreation goals and the chosen modalities. By more accurately using the therapeutic recreation process, I will be able to bring about a desired change in the resident to improve quality of life.

Before Foundations of Therapeutic Recreation
To illustrate my thesis, I will use the example of Mrs. Smith.
Mrs. Smith is a 72-year-old female who has mild dementia with responsive behaviours. She is very anxious, which is preventing her from having social interactions. Using my original TR method, I developed the following goal for Mrs. Smith, “The resident will reduce anxiety by participating in two programs a week of her choice by December 31, 2016”. Then I identified objectives to achieve the goal: 1. Give a calendar of events to the resident.

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