The Accessibility For Ontarians With Disabilities Act

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Mayo Moran’s Independent Review of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act received widespread positive critique from individuals across the country that highly valued her in-depth insight into this topic of necessity. Although Moran’s Review reinforces the AODA, her own recommendations and critiques are what essentially bring the topic of accessibility into focus. Through her review, it becomes clear that a cultural shift is necessary within Ontario that can guarantee “full accessibility”. By exploring my personal perspective of Moran’s report, along with some key features of the AODA, this review aims to shed light upon the necessities required to push forward the positive movement of accessibility functions within Ontario. Although the AODA has implemented (through the documentation of policies and procedures) various changes within Ontario in key aspects of the city such as, transportation, education, healthcare, employment, information, technology, customer service, etc. the enforcement of these changes are lacking. Some issues responsible for this lack of enforcement, as Moran magnifies are: inadequate funding, lack of Government leadership, insufficient support from stakeholders and businesses (small or large), and the emphasis on an inconsistency of training in regards to accessibility education throughout the city. However, it is crucial to note that independent businesses and stakeholders have been responsive to the AODA directly by acknowledging
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