The Accounting Manager For The Houston Division

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Early in my career, I learned sometimes one must get uncomfortable to get comfortable and sometimes very uncomfortable to get a little comfortable. Ironically, this is one of those times. I was newly appointed to be the accounting manager for the Houston division in late 2009. Furthermore, I was responsible for maintaining accurate accounting records as well as developing financial indicators for the region. Although the previous accounting manager had left the organization a couple of years back, the position was never filled. Instead, the branch manager held the position as the interim while still performing his other duties. Also, there was a managing director who held double duties as the branch manager and managing director too. My…show more content…
His response didn’t sit well with me, so I decided to investigate further to make sure I was not overlooking anything. Unfortunately, I was right, the more I started asking my staff about those practices, the less confident I became of the financials. It was evident there was no paper trail from the branch manager ever asking the accounting department to accrue the expenses. He did the opposite, he asked them personally, and in returned they were given overtime. Nevertheless, I wanted to change that culture right away. I started by explaining to the team how accounting rules work. Also, the importance of proper record retention. But I had to be careful not raise concerns with the branch manager, as I found out he was kept abreast of everything that I did. From now on I instructed the team that they would need in writing all requests to accrued or re-accrued the expenses, and based on the dollar amount, an explanation when those accruals will be released. I wanted to be in the front-end of the situation, as the new process that I put in place will raise questions about the P&L once those expenses realized. Without delay, I went to the office of the managing director to let him know what I had instructed the team. And to be aware that the P&L will be affected because of old accruals without resolutions would reduce the margins for the month. The meeting didn 't go well for me. He told me that I should have advised him of my

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