The Human Resource Director For St. Anthony

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For my Human Resources perspective I interviewed Judie Crudo the Human Resource Director for St. Anthony Foundation (St. Anthony’s). She has been with the organization in that capacity for 25 years. Being a native San Franciscan being offered a position with St. Anthony’s was a calling to her, “working for the best” is what she wanted to do and felt St. Anthony’s really offered that opportunity. Prior to working at St. Anthony’s, she was worked in Human Resources for Macy’s and a small startup company.
St. Anthony’s is an established non-profit, having it’s 65th anniversary in the fall. It is located in the Tenderloin District, providing essential services such as food, clothing, health care, technology, and social services, to all San Franciscans in need. St. Anthony employs between 130-150 employees at varying professional levels, ranging from staff recently exiting our recovery program to medical Doctors.
Multi Generational Workforce
The most prominent change in the workforce affecting human resources is the rise of a multi generational workforce. Providing different human resource needs to various employees is an emerging challenge for Judie. In the interview, she grouped Generation X and Millennials into the same group, and focused primarily on the differences between Baby Boomers and Gen X/Millennials. She described the Baby Boomers as skilled in their jobs, thankful to be working, and without questioning change or decisions in the organization. However, she felt Gen

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