The Addiction Trap

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TECHNOPHILIA: THE ADDICTION TRAP A few years ago if you would ask someone what the internet or as that matter what a computer was they’d either say that they don 't know or give a hazy account of it being something that people in the technology industry use. However, today you look to the left or to the right and there are swarms of people holding on to their smart phones or to their computers. Surfing the Internet has become a pastime as social and marketable as going to the movies. It has almost sort of become an “addiction”. There’s something different, and more complex, about Internet addiction as compared to any other addiction such as drugs. Unlike drug addiction it’s more difficult to pin down a computable, damaging effect of Internet use. However when compared with drug addiction, in Internet addiction you do not necessarily know the cause and what you might lose at the end. The World Wide Web has therefore started a revolution. Internet- linked computers have become machines used to generate desire. The Internet is able to expand its capacity beyond what the other media technologies can offer. Edmundson stresses on the point that his students have become “possibility junkies.” (33) Edmundson was surprised to hear that his students were the most happy when they had it all in front of them, when they had a million options to chose from. (33) He mentions that the new generation loves pondering over the million opportunities instead of making a quick decision.

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