Analysis Of The Article 'Addicted To Distraction' By Tony Schwartz

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In the article “Addicted to Distraction” by Tony Schwartz, he argues that the internet has a relentless pull on humans. He goes into detail on how the internet interrupts all daily activity. Schwartz also explains how he is also a victim to the internet and how he is overcoming the overuse of it. The internet does have a grasp on the attention of humans. People willingly give up their primary focus and activities just to check their devices. People are imprisoned to the internet and don’t even realize that it is leading to a deterioration of their learning ability. Schwartz goes into detail on how he was a profound reader, he read books every day. Suddenly, he reached a point in his life where reading seemed hopeless. The temptation of the internet had …show more content…

Schwartz believes that there are steps in recovery, though he failed the first time he gave it a second attempt. He left town for a month-long vacation. His main goal throughout this vacation was to liberate himself from the internet completely. His daughter disconnected all his devices from the internet; Schwartz having little technology knowledge did not know how to re-connect. As any other human he struggled at first, but eventually he gained control, he found himself more relaxed and less compelled to go online. In conclusion, the internet truly imprisons the human race. It takes time, but overcoming the daily use of the internet is possible. The commitment and discipline has to be there to cut down the use of it. Schwartz continued using the internet once he came back from his vacation, but he goes completely offline for brief periods. People don’t have to go offline completely, but it is possible to shorten the time you spend online. Focusing your attention, and gaining control of your mental is key in life, if humans decide they can cut back then it is very possible to see a more vibrant world outside of the

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