The Adoption of Information Technologies in the Nursing Sector

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The process of digitalisation has necessitated adoption of information technology in different aspects of health management. In the nursing sector, adoption on information technology has led to emergence of health information systems. A health information system entails a computer technology that can capture store, manage and/or transfer any health related information. This information can be of an individual or an organization. Technology has positively impacted the role of the nurse in the health care setting through observation. The development of Health information systems is aimed at integration of the effort of collection, processing, reporting and using the information and data so as to influence the process of decision making, …show more content…

The database also has information about the genetics, environment, and social condition of a patient. Evidently, such information systems are an important healthcare tool that can help in improving the quality of patient care and limitation of chance of errors. The entire care team can use the clinical information systems to have real time access to all the important patient information. Computer scanners have also been used to monitor patients and scan them before diagnosis. This help to know the possible disease and location of areas of ailments such as cancer cells. When giving drugs, nurses also ensure that each medication they administer is scanned, and the computer systems spontaneously check the scanned medication against the medications ordered to avoid errors (Sublet, 2002). Technology has led to better management of nurses, health facility and administration. Management health information system can effectively help management to deal with challenges in work place. In the work place, the Management health information system application would help to ensure better management, nurses’ treatment and can help promote efficiency, competence and save costs. In terms of provision of tactical information, the system help the middle level nurse managers to do the planning, provision of quality care, monitoring and evaluation of all the health care services. There are decision support systems

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