The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Living In Public Housing And Poor Neighborhoodss

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It is not easy living in public housing and poor neighborhoods. There is a lot of struggles going on in the streets. Things such as gang activity, carjacking,robberies and murder happens on a daily basis. It is more common in the projects, it sure is rough living there. A Lot of people’s goal is to make it out but not a lot of people make it out alive.
Living in public housing wasn't the best thing in the world. The projects in New York would have poor living conditions like the elevators smelled like weed and people would have gotten stuck on the elevator. You have to push the emergency 911 button and the firefighters will come. The stairs are really dirty and filled with pee, it also smelled like weed. One time i actually saw do-do on the stairs from a human. The delivery people would get robbed all the time and at times stabbed or killed. You would hear police sirens every single day and most of the time they were in the building. My dad had gotten robbed before and my brother got shot. Gang members all hanged out downstairs in front of the building, they sold drugs
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One advantage is that you will gain knowledge and learn lessons that others can't. You are less selfish than other spoil kids. One of the lessons you can learn is tomorrow is never promised. Another lesson is that you can't trust nobody and safety doesn't exist. For example, your car doors could be locked or your apt. Is locked but that doesn't stop people from breaking in. Since you learn your lesson from being on the streets, it can lead into a rap career, that is how hip hop became so popular because the lyrics were so real and relatable. Icons such as Biggie smalls and Tupac rapped about the hood lifestyle was and many people enjoyed the music because they can relate. Other artists in today’s time make music about how rough it was in their ghetto neighborhoods like A Boogie Wit the Hoodie, Meek Mill and G
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