The Advantages and Disadvantages of Manned and Unmanned Aircraft Systems

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Ground forces throughout the military rely heavily on the aerial systems used by their aviation assets in order to accomplish their missions. Advances in technology have evolved the types of aircraft used in battle, and while the manned aviation asset is still the leading system used, unmanned systems are steadily moving forward. Manned aircraft systems have both advantages and disadvantages as well as unmanned aircraft systems. The military utilizes both of these systems to complement each other in the battlefield. In this topic, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages for both systems. Time is of the essence. As leaders, we are very familiar with this term. Timing in the battlefield can lead to either victory or death. …show more content…

However, even though there are some distinct advantages of the manned aircraft systems, they also have distinct disadvantages. Each day the brain performs complex mental functions, yet humans make mistakes. We make thousands of decisions based on all our functioning senses. Human error plays a significant role in manned aircraft mishaps and leads to catastrophic accidents. Some of these individual failures include overconfidence, complacency, poor crew coordination, as well as a high workload (Knowledge Online, 2007). We have all heard that it is a good to be confident, just do not be cocky. An over confident is when a trained pilot continues to fly into an unpredictable situation and misjudges the outcome. Complacency also goes hand in hand with being overconfident. Proper crew coordination depends on the ability to communicate consistently and efficiently in order to distribute workload while in flight. Upgraded cockpits are wonderful; however, they can be great distractions (Knowledge Online, 2007). Pilots are already under a lot of pressure to be error free. These are some examples of human error that all relate to each other in disadvantages of manned aircraft systems. The military discovered it could alleviate some of the disadvantages of manned aircraft by utilizing a technology known as unmanned aircraft systems. Unmanned aircraft have many advantages over aircraft traditionally flown by actual humans. Two main advantages they offer are their

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