The Affordable Care Act ( Obamacare )

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"The Affordable Care act (Obamacare) main focus is on providing more Americans with access to affordable health insurance, improving the quality of health care and health insurance, regulating the health insurance industry, and reducing health care spending in the US." Yet five years since the implementation of Obamacare, 30.1 million people lost there private insurance,because it did not meet the 10 essential health benefits. Another 3-5 million people will lose there company sponsored health insurance, since companies find it cheaper to pay the penalty than buying there employees health insurance. Also medications will become more expensive due too new taxes that will increase prescriptions for individuals. Americans will find it cheaper to pay the penalty for not having health insurance, since it 's much cheaper and twice as less as the hassle. Obama care lacks to tell what the implications are on the health care system, how are doctors affected and what it means for average Americans living to ends meat.With Obama care addressing how it 's going to make health care affordable it does not address long-term care with an estimated 70% of Americans turning 65 will at some point,depend on long term care in nursing or assisted living facility. A elderly American can spend $42,000 to $84,000 per year and if you are poor enough, you may qualify for Medicaid but those who simply can 't afford the care they need. The Affordable care act originally had a community living

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