The Affordable Health Care Act

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On March 23, 2010, after Congress passed the Affordable Care Act and was then signed into law by President Barack Obama. The law was passed that the number of Americans covered by health insurance would increase. In return, the cost of health care will decrease. What is the Affordable Health Care Act?
According to the Health Insurance Organization(2015, pg.1) The Affordable Health Care Act, also known as, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) –is the landmark health reform legislation that includes a long list of health-related provisions that began taking effect in 2010 and will “continue to be rolled out over the next four years.” Key provisions are intended to extend coverage to millions of uninsured Americans, to implement measures that will lower health care costs and improve system efficiency, and to eliminate industry practices that include rescission and denial of coverage due to pre-existing conditions. This analysis is a question review of some of the many benefits of this Act that are as follows:
• What is health insurance coverage?
• Who can benefit from Affordable Care Act?
• What are the necessary qualifications to receive Obama Care?
Taking advantage of the benefits of the Affordable Care Act, will allow millions of Americans to receive affordable health care; they will be able to live longer, healthier lives because insurance will be less costly, and provided to them with more efficiency.
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