The Affordable Health Care Act

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In today’s society, health care has become a huge issue for most Americans who are financially struggling and who also live in poverty. Obama passed an act known as Obama Care, which is also called the Affordable Health Care Act. The ACA (Affordable Health Care Act) was implemented in order to provide affordable health insurance for those living in poverty and for those who cannot financially afford health care. It was set out to improve the lives of Americans with affordable health care and affordable health insurance for all (Obama Care facts). Due to the propaganda that was put into place with the ACA, a majority of American’s today only know the positive effects the ACA has on today’s society. The first thought that comes to any …show more content…

The ACA was aiming to provide insurance for young adults between the ages of nineteen and twenty-five who were not full time students. The ACA was not only assisting students but also the young adults who were also working. Prior to the ACA young unmarried adults were limited to access of health care and most states also required those applying for state funded insurances required young Americas to be a residence of the state. There were restrictions and requirements for young adults applying for a state funded insurance. Since there were restrictions on state funded insurances, the ACA was aiming to provide medical insurance too all young adults under the age of twenty-six regardless of their marital status, financial dependency, residency, or other characteristics. The federal law does not include or permit the state restrictions for young adults under the age of twenty-six (Health Services Research 1-5). The ACA is aimed to assist and benefit young adults between the ages of nineteen and twenty-six by taking the required restrictions off of state funded programs. The ACA has created certain restrictions on insurance companies which limits insurance companies from ending contracts and denying patients of medical coverage because of a patient’s medical

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