The Afghanistan Government and Election Essays

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I. Introduction: Since the fall of the Taliban and Al-Qaida in 2001 the United States and the International Security Assistance Forces (ISAF) have been fighting the Al-Qaida and the Taliban insurgents throughout Afghanistan. After 10 years of conflicts, war and deadly clashes between International community, Afghanistan government and the Taliban group today Afghanistan is entering into a new phase by taking security responsibilities from the US and International forces. One of the biggest problems in the history of Afghanistan will be the 2014 Withdrawal of US and International arm forces. The US and ISAF will withdraw around 147000 troops by end of 2014. It will affect Afghanistan in several ways from security to economic to political …show more content…

In addition, it is very important to have the assistance of International forces in order to have a free and fair election. However, if the international forces will withdraw Afghanistan will not see ‘’a day light’’. Since one of the most important issues in having a free and fair election is peace settlement and without a peace settlement election will not be feasible. ( However, there are still chances for Afghanistan to take action and sign the bilateral security agreement with United States and according to majority of Afghan people it is an important step toward hastening the peace process for holding a free and fair election of 2014.
One of the vital issues for post 2014 withdrawal of International forces from Afghanistan is Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) between Afghanistan and the United States. There are several advantages for both Afghanistan and US to sign this agreement but for time being it is most important for Afghanistan to get the most out of it and to ensure that through financial and military aids from US provide a free and fair election and to bring stability, prosperity, harmony and peace in this country. However, nowadays president Karzai is delaying it by calling consultative loya Jirga and that this pact will not be signed or ratified until the 2014 election are held which is very problematic since Afghanistan needs such agreement for now to stand still. (Exum). Having signed this agreement we can easily tackle

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