The African American Healthcare Gap

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effected their decision. However, each variable listed on the study was associated with tracking all the factors involved with hearing loss. What singled out the most is that several of the candidates didn’t know anything or have heard about cochlear implants from their black counterparts, but were informed by medical professionals instead. The study was not to pointe the blame on medical professionals, insurances, and/ or physicians, but to take a deeper view of why is it that African Americans seem to lag behind in the healthcare improvement when new services and technologies are presented to them. Yet, as it stands, for the University of Cincinnati Physicians clinic – ENT department, 95% of the cochlear implants performed are…show more content…
Illnesses or a defect, for that matter, shows their vulnerabilities, and having a hearing implant device connected on the head will certainly put a black CI patient in an uncomfortable position as they will have to confront their community. Chapter 3 The Future for African Americans and Cochlear Implants Healthcare officials can’t have a discussion on improving the disparities with African Americans and cochlear implants without discussing the driving force that would bring about change and that is the physician. The physician knows first-hand which patients appear to be suffering as it relates to utilizing something that will undoubtedly improve their life. It compels most physician to establish leadership roles depending on their passion to making a difference for their patient’s well-being. Often times physicians find themselves being involved with institutional policy reforms and undergoing vast changes within their healthcare facility. As such, the changes are concurred with administrative officials who routinely revise programs and create comprehensive long-term goals. Although, there are a segmented growing number of physician leaders, it is not always embraced within health institutions and governmental legislations. Why? Because it seems to be that there is some type of disconnection as it relates to physicians and public policies. As such, public policies are for elected officials to
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