The Aftermath Short Story

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“The one-room cabins looked like hog pens afterward! They had destroyed the furniture in the cabins and there were beer cans and whiskey bottles all over the place. It was hard to see”. On a lighter side, driving back to Ozark the next morning with Sheriff Lamb, Ozark Police Chief Speaks heard a loud POP! A few minutes later, he smelled something strange. “You smell that Buff?” “No, what?” “Something smells funny. Like maybe it's burning? Stop the car and let's look in the trunk!” The two opened the patrol car's trunk and discovered that a gas grenade had exploded. Coughing, Buff picked up the grenade and threw it alongside the road. The two coughed all the way back to Ozark. The Aftermath The following night, Buff did not return to Rockaway and stayed in Ozark. Lawman Christopher Dugan (name withheld) stated “The Highway Patrol said they wouldn't come back if Buff was there. Sheriff Lyman told everyone that he'd take care of it.” According to Dugan, his methods of law enforcement were a little too severe. But if that meant he didn't put up with any bull, they were 100% correct. The night after the riot, there were as many lawmen as there were visitors in Rockaway. Nine businesses had been destroyed and a dance hall roof, cars and a looted liquor store. A few people had been hit with bird-shot from a shotgun, but everyone survived. The city closed 3 taverns they blamed for the rioting and at least one boy was given a jail sentence for escape from the Forsyth jail.

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