The Age Of Women 's Rights

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The novel was written and is set in the decade following World War I, which ended in November 1918. The Jazz Age, a term coined by Fitzgerald, was a period of enormous social change in America, especially in the area of women’s rights. Before World War I, American women did not enjoy universal suffrage. In 1920, two years after the end of the war, they were finally given the vote. Before the war, standard dress for women included long skirts, tightly laced corsets, high-buttoned shoes, and long hair. A few years after the war, skirts became shorter, laced corsets began to disappear, modern footwear frequently replaced high-buttoned shoes, and “bobbed” hair became the fashion for young women. Perhaps most alarming for proponents of the old ways, was that women’s behavior began to change. During 1920s, great changes were taken places in American economy, society and cultures, which also impacted American women’ lives. At that time, new features occurred in women’s family, appearance and behavior. Thanks to great achievement of the technology, washing machines, vacuum cleaners and refrigerators became commonplace in every family. These things released women’s hands and freed them from endless housework. Thus they got more time to take care of themselves and their appearance. A author written that they used to wrap their hair in knobs fantastic, high, and queer, but now they cut it in bobs or curl it round their ears. The things they do and wear today, would make their fogy

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