The Ageing Of Global Population

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Larissa Intrebartoli Resende
Professor Bud Lewis
Writing - Gold B2
30 July 2015
World Aging Population
The ageing of global population is an important issue that has been debated recently. To think about a better and longer life seems too attractive for us, but the impact of a generalized increase of age can be a problem for the government 's policies and for the maintenance of the economy. This phenomenon is occurring right now in almost every country in the world, but faster in the developed and developing countries. The purpose of this paper is to study the population ageing, especially what are its causes, effects and what we can predict and do about the future. Besides, this paper get more emphasis to the changes on Brazil’s populace between 1970 and 2010, Brazil is a developing country and it is a good example to go a little deeper on this topic.
When the number of adults and elderly people begin to increase at the same time births begin to decrease, a process of aging starts to affect the population.
The life expectancy increased significantly, this kind of measure should and will be analyzed according to the specifics life conditions of each country or region, but a global measure is useful to illustrate the issue. Thus, whereas in 1950-1955 the global life expectancy was 47.7 years, in 2005-2010 it was 67.9. This fact is mainly due to advances in medicine and improvement of life conditions, which also contributes to mortality

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