The Agony Of Rejection From Friends, Family, Schools, And Jobs

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“By the time I was fourteen … the nail in my wall would no longer support the weight of the rejection slips impaled upon it. I replaced the nail with a spike and kept on writing.” This quote from Stephan King really hit me. The famous, successful man that we all know for his works “Carrie” or ‘The Shining”, had once been rejected. It’s crazy to think that someone so successful had once been struggling. Maybe I choose this quote because that’s how I’m feeling right now and the quote gives me some sort of hope. Unsuccessful, down, rejected are a few words to describe it. The agony of rejection from friends, family, schools, and jobs all contribute. There’s the pain of boys denying you at my age, or applying for a job that you never hear back from. The constant pressure to fit in with groups of girls in sororities and the fear they will judge you. The pressure of school and the four tests coming up next week along with the everlasting point to make your parents proud is a constant cycle in my life. These all are reasons that brought my attention to Stephan King’s quote. The thing is, he gives me hope for the future. Hope. That’s a strong word. It’s not a promised outcome, or a permanent solution but it is something. It is something to look forward to in the future and having a better outcome then before. Stephan King may have been rejected from many schools and many jobs, but he decided to push through and keep going and look where is he is now. That’s what I have been
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