The Amendment Of The United States Constitution

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use of force is always a heavily debated topic for law enforcement. Every action an officer takes during an altercation when use of force is present, will be reviewed by chief’s, lieutenant’s captain’s etc. With the recent rise in officer involved shootings, the demand for less lethal force measures has begun to rise. The eighth amendment of the United States Constitution was made for protection against cruel and unusual punishment; if an officer uses lethal force in an altercation they have deprived that person of their rights. Also the fourteenth amendment gives us the right to due process; lethal force deprives us of that right. There is a saying that has come to light recently that law enforcement officers are the judge the jury and the executioner. Officers have become heavily criticized for using lethal force in altercations that less lethal could have possibly been used. With officer involved shooting on the rise society wants us to re-examine other alternatives. There will be times that an officer must use their duty weapon, but many of the recent shootings could have been avoided with the use of less lethal tools. Lethal force often affects the department’s image negatively and brings un-wanted media attention; it can be hard to rebuild the trust with the community. When officers deploy less lethal tactics it is often overlooked by any media attention and any civil issues. In an effort to help department’s combat un-wanted lethal encounters, this research will
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