The American Correctional Facility System Essay

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The American correctional facility system has become an industry in the past few decades. While once, it was used to correct the truly malicious and dysfunctional, now has begun to meet quotas set by contracts between state penal programs and correctional companies who privately manage the prisons and probation offices. Americans complain about crime and the expenses it costs the general public, not realizing where the problem stands. But If Americans really want to make a resolve crime problem, we need to change the penal system, amend the laws and statutes, and enforce ethics in the legal system.

American prison inmates provided with some luxuries that may not be available to them in the free world, there is a select group who gets special treatment Prisons offer heat, air conditioning, a secure place to sleep, food, medical treatment, and in some cases, internet and cable tv.There are millions of Americans who live in poverty and/or are homeless. Millions of American Vets and the Elderly cannot afford these luxuries, yet we provide them to our criminals. Prisons are full of drugs and the work exchange program and commissary program allow the inmates to barter food and services that may not have been available in the free world. Violence in prison also allows inmates to have access to items that would normally not available. People who are sex crime convictions are usually provided protective custody (private quarters and an armed guard escort) while on prison

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