The American Dream

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I believe that the millennial America dream is drastically different than many other generations. While previous generations believed that they must own a home in order to achieve the American dream, this dream has drastically changed in recent centuries. I believe this is partially due to how attitudes millennial hold have changed within recent years. I believe that previous generations still withheld the mindset that a marriage and family was the ideal image of the American dream. I believe that previous generations held the mindset that achieving the American dream was simply to be like every other average American family. While I know many American families who live in the same areas and work the same jobs do still indeed have a lot in common and can be identified as all achieving the same American dream; many millennials are choosing different occupations and individuality in their careers. I believe that the millennial age of Americas are very independent and head strong. Being considered almost a millennial myself I see these traits within myself and my peers. I hope to be an independent women and to be able to provide for myself and my family. Through a job in a higher paying career such as nursing I hope I am able to be a sole provider for my household if it is needed. While the help of a husband would be nice I do not want to ever be in the situation of needing a husband to be considered finical stable. I also find this headstrong attitude within millennial when

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