The American Dream

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America, home of the great, land of the free, this is where people from around the world come to achieve the American dream, beginning with the people that originated the dream itself - the born Americans. Success can be achieved by any and every one with endless opportunities to obtain money, success and wealth; This is the American dream. The more money you have the more successful you are. America is a country of free thinkers, individualism, liberty, and privilege. It is a land of freedom to achieve, explore and flourish unlike other countries that only offer limited to none of these achievable freedoms, yet crime rates are high and constant here in America, unlike other countries. How did this happen? Is it due to the desired …show more content…

The end results promote an environment of anomie, leading to a lack of social control and deviant behavior throughout the population (Bjerregaard & Cochran, 2008, p. 33). Some of the policies made by the government does not help but hinders by reinforcing the qualities of American culture that got us into the elevated crimes rates, to begin with. The pressure and value America place on rapid wealth have led to a sovereignty of anarchic ways. Structure of Institution Institutionally there seems to be a boomerang effect, the cultural determines the institutions and the institutional change influence the culture. The structure of the institutions is the building block for our society that regulates human behavior. There is a great institutional imbalance according to Messner and Rosenfeld, that cultivates frail social control and. The family unit, religion, education, government and the economy are all social institutions, but America has placed a scale of value more on some and less on the other. There is less value placed on family religion and education than on government and the economy. The most valued, government and the economy, both lead to major profit, placing capitalism first through these entities while debunking the importance on religion, family, and education for our society because these things hold no economic value. These other institutions must conform and accommodate the economy since the economy is the superior institution in America and

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