The American Dream Of Home Ownership

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Too many Americans have fallen victim to the crisis that has become the norm for our citizens these days. Lenders no longer want to work with individuals who have gone through the foreclosure process and for many it is not only their homes they lose. Some have lost their jobs and/or families, others fall into a deep depression and worst of all some have taken their own lives. An alternative would be for lenders to add a true customer service department which is not based on pay or get out, but is counseling based to keep Americans in the American Dream of home ownership. This would not only keep their customers for future business with new home loans, but would be noticed by neighbors and the community who are appreciative their home values are not decreasing. The lenders would counsel them through the sale by assisting them with getting the most they can for their home. By getting local community organizations involved to help with home repairs and curb appeal. Once the home is market ready and a dollar amount has been reached for these repairs the home owner will have to volunteer time and/or resources to assist another person going through the same situation. This would not only help the homeowner but will keep homes in the area selling at a fair market value and not bring down the values in their neighborhood. The assistance provided by the lenders and assistance from the community will help build their self confidence and make them feel like they are not alone.
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