The American Dream

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The American Dream is the idea of equal opportunity for all, with freedom to do what you want with your life. It is the idea that what you can achieve depends on how much work you put in, but with some people today putting in years of hard work and diligence only to never move up in the world the reality of this dream is beginning to be challenged. Believers of the American Dream claim that everyone has the same basic set of rights and opportunities to succeed, but with there being so many varying people with different economic and cultural backgrounds immigrating to US are there enough opportunities to go around? I believe the American Dream is dead because new generations aren't making as much as older generations, the poor are staying poor and the rich are staying rich, and due to discrimination some people are born having less opportunities. The American Dream might have been alive in the past but with newer generations not being able to make as much money as older generations the dream has not continued to exist. “Using Federal Reserve data to compare 25- to 34-year-olds in 2013 with their counterparts from 1989, the advocacy group Young Invincibles found that, after adjusting for inflation, Millennials earn 20 percent less than baby boomers did at the same stage in life” (). How are these generations supposed to move up in society when they can’t get respectable jobs because those spots are already filled by older generations. They have to take jobs with no prospects

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