The American Dream

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The “American Dream” is an idea which is commonly interpreted as working towards a dream or aspiration one has until it has been achieved. This idea is so significant in American society because it encourages people to elevate themselves in society and to aspire to become something great. In theory, this concept is a great model to live by and to encourage a nation to propel themselves into their own unique ideas of success. Even if it is difficult and there are many barriers that exist and have existed, those who have continued to pursue a passion or movement have always seemed to succeed. American culture is full of real and fictional “Rags to Riches” stories because it is always a real option and possibility to pursue in American society. Many of the people who have their own rags to riches stories include Warren Buffett, Elon Musk, and Oprah Winfrey. From any limitation which anyone has faced, there always has seemed to be someone who has risen up from those struggles and prejudices in order to fulfil their interpretation of the American Dream. Many people are able to fulfill the American Dream from many backgrounds, but all had the same ambitions to pursue ones dream.
A good example which shows that barriers do not define one's ability to pursue their dreams is Warren Buffett. Buffett was born in the American midwest during the later parts of the Great Depression in which he was commonly exposed to poverty, and in his early life was poor himself. In his youth, Buffett

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