The American Ginseng Plant

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Proposed species: American Ginseng Proposed action: Protecting

Facts Another name for American Ginseng is Panax quinquefolius. It was used by Native Americans. They were also an early American trade to China. And often prized for its medicinal qualities. American ginseng are harvested and sold internationally. They were abundant in the early days, but unfortunately they dramatically declined in today's world.

American ginseng a slow growing plant. They were found within eastern deciduous forests of North America. Its life cycle begins as a seedling with single compound leaf(prong) and takes 3-8 years to produce a single cluster of flower. Then the flower can either fertilized itself or cross pollinate with another plant. There are two main pollinators of ginseng are the syrphid flies and the halictid bees. Plants that are pollinated have greater seed production. Right after pollination, berries will start to grow and each berry contain 1-3 seeds.

Why There is a Decrease in American Ginseng
Habitat loss: logging, agriculture, mountaintop mining and development
Over-harvest or poor harvesting: harvesting non-reproductive plants or without ripe fruits
Consumption by white-tailed deer: white-tailed deer often eat large, reproductive plants before they can produce seeds
Invasive species: out compete American ginseng for limited resources and some will change the soil environment making it unsuitable for

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