The American Nurses Association ( Ana ) And Health Ministries Association

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The American Nurses Association (ANA) and Health Ministries Association (HMA) have described Faith Community Nursing (FCN) as a form of a specialized nursing practice carried out by a nurse within a faith community (American Nurses Association & Health Ministries Association, 2012). The role played by the FCN is to protect, promote, and optimize health and abilities, prevent illness and injury, and respond to distress regarding the practice beliefs and the values of a faith community. The FCN emphases on the purposeful care of the spirit as well as the promotion of holistic health and prevention and the reduction of illness (ANA & HMA, 2012). Furthermore, the FCN plays a significant role in developing community partnerships required to enhance health promotion (Breisch, Hurley & Moore, 2013). The ANA and HMA (2012) noted that a FCN offers services to faith community members and people in the neighborhood. The services provided range from case management, health education, patient advocacy, personal health counseling, coordination of volunteers, to acting as a liaison and referral agent between the people and health care sector. Therefore, an FCN serves as an advocate for patients and can teach the community about a particular disease to improve their understanding and promote disease management.
FCN other than providing spiritual care to the community, also provide counseling, active listening, referrals, education, advocacy, and prayer. Therefore, FCNs can promote…
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