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The American Nurses Association (ANA) and Health Ministries Association (HMA) have described Faith Community Nursing (FCN) as a form of a specialized nursing practice carried out by a nurse within a faith community (American Nurses Association & Health Ministries Association, 2012). The role played by the FCN is to protect, promote, and optimize health and abilities, prevent illness and injury, and respond to distress regarding the practice beliefs and the values of a faith community. The FCN emphases on the purposeful care of the spirit as well as the promotion of holistic health and prevention and the reduction of illness (ANA & HMA, 2012). Furthermore, the FCN plays a significant role in developing community partnerships required to…show more content…
Breisch, Hurley, and Moore (2013) established that advocacy for appropriate levels of care for susceptible populations and people with inadequate access to healthcare, is a role that can be played by FCNs. In addition, FCNs are responsible for the provision of awareness among church communities with low-literacy skills to promote healthcare. Through the initiation of referrals for clinical treatment, providing assistance to access home care resources, assisting with extended care appointments, and providing support to healthcare consumers, FCNs can promote improved quality care.
Problem Statement
Currently, the local church for which this DNP project is being developed lacks a FCN who can provide healthcare services to the church senior’s citizen center, located in the southeast region of the United States (US). According to the director of the church senior’s citizen center, there is an urgent need for FCN. FCN in this case, can play an integral role by linking faith and health (Van Dover & Pfeiffer, 2011). For example, the ANA and HMA (2012) acknowledged that FCNs promote, and optimize health and abilities, aid in the prevention of injury and illness, and help parishioners in suffering. FCN in this context can enhance better health practices and values of a faith community at the church senior’s citizen center.
Purpose Statement
The purpose of this
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