A Brief Note On The American Nurses Association

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The American Nurses Association gives a comprehensive list of responsibilities that are to be carried out by a registered nurse. It includes performance of physical examinations, taking health histories, providing health promotion, counseling and education, administering medications, wound care and numerous other personalized interventions, interpreting the patient information and making critical decisions about needed actions, coordination of care in collaboration with a wide array of healthcare professionals, directing and supervising care delivered by other healthcare personnel such as the nursing aides and also to conduct research in support of improved practice and patient outcomes (ANA, Accessed on 8/1/2016). The extent to …show more content…

The third step is planning and this involves the development of goals and outcomes whereby a plan of care is designed to help assist the patient to achieve the goals by resolving the identified diagnosis. Implementation involves translation of the plan to action. The final step which is the evaluation involves the determination of the extent to which the outcomes have been achieved or not.
According to NANDA International, Inc. (formerly the acronym to North American Nursing Diagnosis Association) medical diagnosis deals with disease or medical conditions. However nursing diagnosis deals with the human response to actual or potential health problems and life processes. This has been elucidated with an example that points to the differences in how a doctor and a nurse would approach the same health condition. The medical diagnosis of cerebrovascular attack (stroke) would provide one with the information about the patient’s pathology. When we look at the complimentary nursing diagnoses such as impaired verbal communication, risk for falls, interrupted family processes and powerlessness, they provide with a more holistic understanding of the impact of that stroke on this particular patient and his family. Thus it also direct nursing interventions to obtain patient-specific outcomes (NANDA International n.d.).

2.3 Nursing as a Profession
Professional status is an important

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